lundi 22 février 2021

Teachers (English) (2021)

 (new) Daft Punk forever...


Humans, Robots, whatever you were, after all! 

I just want to thank you for all 

You gave life back to music 

You made it a journey, a new Discovery, 

You made it Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, 

You made it travel Around the World and way Beyond 

You made it Rolling and Scratching, and Burning 

Burning like a kind of Digital Love running  

All along Within a Motherboard, triggering Short circuits 

And 909 revolutions thru my brain 

Just like a Technologic Instant Crush  

When the only Contact we had is the Fresh Touch  

Of a High-Fidelity device on my ears making me  

Lose myself to dance, it wasn’t Rock and Roll  

But electronic Emotion, starting a new Game of Love. 


In a world where Television rules the Nation 

Like a Brainwashing Steam Machine 

You did Musique but you Did it right, like we Make Love 

Keeping control of the Prime Time of your life 

28 years on air, some may find it Too Long 

In a world where some Get Lucky to stay Alive 

But for me it’s just a Fragment of Time 

Might have been Something about you 

That made you put an End of Line 


We never met Face to Face, because you stayed 

Behind your helmets, just like Superheroes 

Pioneers, Teachers, musical Voyagers on a too small planet. 


I would hear something new One More Time 

But you achieved here your Homework 

It’s always a big deal turning the On / Off button 

And I respect that decision. 

The Music will forever sound better with you 

As you let much more than Random Access Memories